Spinning the Web – Marketing Web Based Services

We’ve come a long way from the advertising used during the dot.com bubble. Back then, ads for online services veered from functionally informative to vague curiosity drivers.

Now we get it – we use them daily
Today we recognize web based services so easily that they no longer need their “www” intro, a simple “.com” indicates that the shopping site, product or service is going to be found online.

The two ads I’ve attached caught my eye because they used totally different approaches to well know web based services.

France 24 is a full time News Channel. They have created a stunning ad with unusual animation, intrigue and suspense. They’ve based it on your own awareness of current events and tied in some Hitchcock horror (can you spot him?). Their message reinforces their connection to news in real time.

The second ad for Google Chrome is straightforward. They show their product in action and use real photos and video. They’ve added evocative music and are angling to make this functional product more emotional.


France 24, Marcel, France                                      Google Chrome, BBH, New York

How do you think they did?
Do you think they got their message across? Did either of these motivate you? If you have a chance, drop a line in the comment box below and tell us what you think.

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