Ummm, I’ve Forgotten Your Name…Ad Branding is the Biggest Challenge

I want to tell you about a couple of ads I saw. I loved them both. They tell a good story, good enough to repeat.

Lightly brushed with branding
I can tell you everything that happened in the car ad. It’s a clever, well told story with great casting.
I’ll remember the message because it’s the point of the tale – well tied in and relevant.
I just can’t remember the car. If the branding isn’t equally strong and intrinsic to the story, it’s difficult to remember the storyteller.

Deliciously finished with a big dollop of branding
With the second ad I definitely remember the branding. Oh yeah. I couldn’t tell you the story without it.
I’m not going to mention it because the product is the punch line. They tossed in a nice package shot at the end, just to slam it home.

What the experts say
Millward Brown is acknowledged worldwide for their research into effective brand communications. They say to create a positive response an ad must:

Engage people at the time of exposure
Communicate the desired impression
Link that impression to the brand in people’s memories

They go on to say “This is probably the biggest single challenge in creating an ad: to ensure that the brand is integrated into the elements that people find interesting and involving….”

Hope you enjoy both these ads and that they give you food for thought as you work out the branding on your next communication. If you have a chance, tell us what you think in the comment box below.

Toyota Letter, Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico
Johnson and Johnson KY Jelly BorghiErh/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil


  1. The Toyota ad. I would have been tempted to have a Toyota parked (as long as it looked natural) outside the various houses. I would also have liked the first car to be positively identified as a Toyota in a subtle way.

    Nice spot, but as you say Kathy – the brand is thrown away.

    1. Thanks for sharing your creative critique, Ross. Both your suggestions to strengthen the car’s branding are good ones. It doesn’t have to be huge and in your face to be memorable, it just needs to be relevant and easily connected. Thanks for your wisdom.

  2. I enjoyed both ads. I did become engaged in the story in the first one and the brand became irrelevant. However I found myself re thinking the brand at the end but don’t think I would have bothered to do that in another context. Liked Ross’ idea.
    The second was clear from the start; the smile, the music, the lunch- I was receptive and keen to see the package shot.

    1. Hi Mel, nice to hear from you. The smile, the music, the lunch – and you were receptive…. I wasn’t quite sure where you were headed but I’m glad the ads got you in the mood. Thanks for writing.

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