Feeling’s believing – Does Emotion Make Advertising More Effective?

I’m a softie. I know that. When I see an ad that makes me laugh or cry, I want to share it. So I’ve brought you one of each.

Does Emotion In Advertising Work?
Beyond word of mouth, does emotion make the ad more effective? Millward Brown says…maybe.

Their research shows certain things have to happen, to make an emotional ad’s impact last longer than a factual one.

In their article on Emotion In Advertising they comment that emotion is at work through the whole advertising process. They claim the most successful ads work because they focus our attention on what matters the most to the viewers; “a positive experience delivered by a product making good on its promise.”

They claim the emotion needs to be grounded in the brand. Not all brands have the “right” to communicate with just emotional content because they haven’t established the credentials in their message.

In classic Millward Brown style they remind us that regardless of the impact of your message, you have to link the brand to the memories of the ad or all is lost.

But Does It Work?
They do concede “the stronger the emotional charge, the more likely we are to consciously reflect on the experience at the time it occurs, and the more memorable the event will be.”

I’ll take that as a “yes”.

Hope these two ads are memorable for you – If you have time, drop a note in the comment box and tell us what you think or which emotional ads you thought were great and still remember.


Luta, Direct with Client, UK
Chevrolet Celta, McCann Erickson, Argentina

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