Sexism in Advertising – Is It Ok If It’s Really Funny?

Across the pond they are all in a froth about milk. The Got Milk poster campaign is sexist. It’s also funny, memorable and the product is completely integrated in the idea.

Sexism as a brand strategy
It’s the same for the Lynx campaigns, sexism is part of the brand strategy. If you believe in spray on sex appeal then you’ve got to believe the “little woman” will be putty in your hands. They do it in a playful way and usually their ads are genuinely funny.

When sexism doesn’t work
What happens when an ad isn’t very funny or the sex bias does not sync with the product position. Does it damage your brand? Does the campaign seem more “sexist”? Can you be “a little sexist” or are you simply on the wrong side, once you’ve crossed the line.

Have a look at this Rondos ad from South Africa, how do you think it compares with the Milk campaign?
The double breasted burger from Nando’s

If you really want an eye full, check out Ad Freak’s list of “10 sexist ads made by total pigs”

What do you think? Is this the true meaning of a sticky campaign?

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