Creative Candy – Delicious ads with no nutritional value

In April I wrote a post on whether the creative idea or the message was the most important in an ad.
I also wrote a post about getting relevant and memorable branding into your communication.
The 4 ads I’ve attached  don’t do any of that.

They are lovely creative pieces designed to entertain you, funded by brands.

The exception in the group is Lucozade with a nod toward both branding and usage, that said – how uncomfortable would it be to carry a bottle of Lucozade in your front jeans pocket?

The web has changed so many things in our lives and is having a continued impact on advertising. With YouTube and other sites offering content with no pesky messages, brands are looking for new ways to compete for your attention.

The question is does it work?
Watch all four for their colour, design and sheer pleasure.  Then think about which ones you’d pass along, talk to your friends about and importantly, remember the company that paid for it.

I’ve heard brand managers and agencies argue that it’s about layering in brand cred and that every communication doesn’t need to do a sales job. I’d agree with that. There are also occasions when you are just trying to stay top of mind with people who already know and love what you do.

Creative candy, just like all sweet confections, is a delicious luxury if you can afford it. It does mean that the rest of your media diet has to be very effective to build your brand or sell your idea.

Drop a note in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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