Zombies in Adland

In the tradition of all things ghoulish at Halloween, I wanted to bring you three zombie ads to brighten your day.

I like these for various reasons but every one has made their brand intrinsic to the story. Not always easy when you’re in the zombie mood.

Big budget zombie
The first from TBWAChiatDay NY is for Starburst. The acting is brilliant. The idea is clever and intentionally mismatched as a descriptor for the product. It could have been shambolic but instead the excellent casting, strong direction from Hank Perlman and perfect timing make it a pleasure to watch, even after several viewings.

Mid budget zombie
The next is a step down in budget, but still manages good characters and nice element of surprise. Its done by BBDO Guerrero in the Philippines. It plays off your knowledge of zombie films and works really well with FedEx’s reputation for excellent service.

Zombie on the cheap
The last one I love in this age of austerity. Have no budget at all and still want a zombie angle? Publicis QMP in Dublin has really done “something for nothing” with this little ad for No Nonsense Car insurance.

So share, what’s your favourite Zombie moment?

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