Trailers for TV channels, more to it than you think

Making a TV trailer is much harder than making one for a movie. The movie launch tries to interest you in the story, the actors or the emotion, it doesn’t have to sell you on the cinema it’s playing in as well.

The TV trailer has to interest you in the programme, then give a slant on why it fits that channel and indicate where you’ll find it, in a memorable way, so you remember to tune in.

Promoting the whole channel is tougher still. If it’s new, you have to sum up the type of programming the viewer can expect to find. You can’t list the programmes because viewers might not be familiar with them. You can’t patch together a load of disparate clips from programmes and expect people to get excited about a stream of flashing scenes.

You have to give them a sense of the programmes that they will get from your channel, capture their interest, help them understand who might enjoy watching it and then brand it up to get them there.

Considering the number of existing channels shouting for our attention, the number of tempting things you’ll find online, the movies and boxsets available at our fingertips – it’s a wonder we get any sleep at all.

Above are two channel promos that caught my attention. I think Cloo does a great job using everyday moments to tease us in. I also enjoyed the whimsy used in Canal+ trailer, though the main character’s accent seemed a bit erratic, they made it fun and showed us what to expect.

Have a look and drop a note in the box below to tell us what you think.

Cloo Umbrella
Agency: Direct to Client, USA

Canal+ The Bear
Agency: BETC EuroRSCG, Paris

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