Ads That Go Beyond A Stiff Upper Lip: Determination, Resolve And Joy In The Moment

Every day the news brings us more information on the financial crisis, the relentless recession and government debt. The banks are still in trouble, the high streets are struggling and everyone has a new appreciation for the job they’ve got.

What that’s spawned in the following two ads is interesting. They’re reflecting people that are resourceful, living in the moment, coping with what their dealt and still enjoying their lives.

These ads aren’t about whether you can buy a new car or even get a phone right now. They embrace life, encourage our resolve and speak to our spirit.

Nokia gives us a great ad with the opening “Who says everyday has to be so everyday.”

Chrysler brings us a noble and inspiring ad for battered Detroit and America’s struggling auto industry.

Nokia Lumia 800
Agency Inferno Group London
Chrysler 300
Agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Poem: Edgar Allen Guest, written in 1917


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