Death In Advertising – The Ultimate Motivator?

Changing behaviour is a challenge for any advertising. We need a compelling reason  to do something new just once, to change long term habits requires a much bigger push.

Particularly, when the thing we are being asked to do deals with death – the subject we go to an extreme to ignore.

On a good day most of us feel pretty invincible, we’re fine… nothing is going to happen to us. After an hour or two in the pub we might even be bulletproof with superpowers. It’s easy to assume we are going to wake up and go about our business tomorrow.

Tapping into your worst nightmare
It’s harder to ignore your feelings when you start thinking about someone else dying, imagine how you’d feel if you may have killed them… for most of us that is our worst nightmare.

Here are two ads, from two different continents, asking us to do different things, yet each creep into that horror zone. One uses emotive music, evocative visuals and a juxtapose to pull you in, the other teases you with humour then slams you with dread.

Which do you think is more effective? Do either reach you in a way that will make you act? Drop a note in the box below and let us know if you think these ads work.

The Organ Donor Association
Lowe Bull, Cape Tow

Ad Council Text/Drive
The Concept Farm, USA

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