Just Plane Inspiring. Ads That Put The Fun Back In Flying

I’m a big fan of the Virgin airlines ads. They remind me of the fun and glamour that used to be airline travel… a long time ago.

Now it is a tedious contest of you against the strip searching, liquid seeking, fruit snatching airport agents.

So, international regulations have to be met, but does it all have to be so earnest? Here are 3 irreverent videos that definitely put the fun back in flying and one isn’t even for an airline.

Eristoff, Legas Delaney London
IndiGo Airlines, Wieden and Kennedy Delhi
Air New Zealand by .99


  1. Is that NZ Air what they show instead of a safety demo? I think I could only fly once with them if it is. I would have to stab someone otherwise.

    I love the Vodka one though – reminds me of a Travel sponsorship we made ages ago, featuring a “disturbed” stewardess…

    1. Thanks for the comments Ross. If you can find a link to your sponsorship, we’ll add it in – the more disturbing the better.


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