Who Can Resist A Fox With A French Accent?

Every man I know is a sucker for a woman with a French accent and when that woman is a fox? Heaven help us.

This ad just makes me laugh. I love that it’s in French but the subtitles could have been done better – sorry if you struggle to zip through them.

Have a look, then let’s talk about whether it does its job, it is advertising at the end of the day.

I’ve talked before about that delicate balance between the Message and the Idea. I expected this might be a clever idea with no substance, the entertainment value is certainly there. But then, with the lightest touch, they bring it back to the product and make sense of it all.

“Without sugar and Aspartam” is not a message most kids care about. However, tuck it in this foxy break up and they have to add that product benefit if they retell the story – there was no sweetener… perfect for savvy teens.

Will they remember it was for Orangina? I’m not so sure about that. In my opinion the product itself gets a bit lost in the execution, but I don’t know how well established this is in its market so there may be cues I’m missing that would help viewers know this is an Orangina ad.

If you’ve got time for more, you might like the post “Who’s driving, the message or the idea” and an ad with superb sound design.

Share your thoughts in the box below, could you resist this fox?

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