Would You Show Your Product At Its Worst (if it was funny?)

It takes a brave client, with a great sense of humour, to allow an ad to show their product at less than perfection.

The usual kinds of messages we get are; this tastes delicious, everyone loves us and all our staff are bright and beautiful.

Two of these ads are for food products and both focus on the people who hate them, the third shows its staff at their worst.

Marmite is famous for its “love it or hate it” position and celebrate that they are an acquired taste, which we haven’t all acquired. They really bring it home in this ad, I love the way it ends

Marmite By DDB UK

Miracle Whip
The next one is for Miracle Whip. There is a great line “It carries the Pox. A pox of tang.” Now if that isn’t enough to put you off it, I don’t know what will. None the less, the excellent casting and production values make MW into the hero.

Miracle Whip By Mcgarry Bowen New York

The last ad is an unlikely underdog, it’s for ESPN. This one was the biggest surprise for me having spent a number of years in Broadcasting. I thought there was a rulebook somewhere that said you had to show “TV Presenters” with a toothpaste smile and impeccable hair. This ad lets us have a peek behind the tissue.

ESPN By Wieden and Kennedy New York

Have you ever wanted to show your product at less than perfection?

Drop a comment below about the ads you’d like make, the products that should be shown for what they are!

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  1. ESPN ad is so clever. Very nice. And love the ‘keep an open mouth’ tag for Miracle Whip. Wish I could use that for a current product we’re working on.

    The real question is whether poor Billy didn’t like his Marmite or the fact that “his” room was set for a little girl with pink and frills and stars. I think that’s what was upsetting his stomach. Set design. Not Marmite. 🙂

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