How Does Your Detergent Make You Feel?

Brand affinity can take you by surprise. P&G have done themselves proud with this wonderful Olympics ad from Wieden and Kennedy, Portland.

It skips to the top of the emotional hierarchy and sends a message that asks how does our brand make you feel about yourself?

Most products that make things whiter than white get stuck on product functions, what the product does or how it benefits to you.

A few try to connect with you and build some kind of brand loyalty.

Very few move to the top, where you, personally, borrow values from their brand.  When someone tattoos Harley Davidson or the Nike tick across their arm you know you’re seeing a serious emotional connection to a brand.

P&G have great marketers and have spent years trying to keep their brands out of the price squabbling commodity market by engaging your emotions.

This ad feels true to their brand and has credibility because they’ve built that relationship. It’s a wonderful example of sponsorship at its best.

They’ve used the hopes and dreams of the Olympics, married them to the hard work it takes to get there and given Mothers around the world full credit for their part.

What do you think?  Drop a note in the box below and share your wisdom.

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