Big Ideas Without The Big Budget

Coca Cola is a feel good brand. Their advertising focuses on happy people enjoying themselves.

In the past, they’ve represented this with big epic productions;  People singing around the world, spectacular animations promising a magical Christmas, dancing celebrities and endless, ice cold bottles dripping with condensation.

This Coke ad, from McCann in Argentina, is not big budget, it has no celebrities and the dancing is less than flash.

But it is totally Coca Cola and leaves you inspired.

Its simple premise: find the good and look at the world differently. It works for me, see what you think.


  1. Without a doubt the best ad I’ve seen from them in years. I wish it was a little slower so we could enjoy every moment (hmmm, it’s that one of their tag lines?)

    1. I agree, sometimes taking all the big effects and glamour away makes the idea really pop. Thanks for writing.


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