This Ad Is Bleeping Brilliant

I love a great ad idea with a little budget. It highlights the vision the creative had with the script, and strips it right back to its essence.

There’s usually a lot of thought in the detail, because that’s all they’ve got to work with.

This ad for Recruitireland, done by Chemistry Dublin, is the business. They’ve captured all the essence of the 70’s in just a few seconds, moved on to create a wonderful character and sail home their message that there’s always a better job out there.

While I’m on a roll about great detail on a small budget, I’ve got another ad for you below.  I had the privilege of working on this Sky Games ad with Dan Morgan, when I worked at Sky Broadcasting.

I’d just started working there, from an international ad agency that couldn’t produce anything without a big budget and an entourage. I couldn’t imagine how he’d get it done, but he’s a clever man.

Dan wrote this script and then figured out how to shoot it on less budget than some people would spend on a bicycle. He was almost a one man band, pushing around a grocery cart full of ice and fish. He topped it off by doing some of the voices himself.

He’s a great credit to creative genius and determination.

So between the Beep and the Shrimp, I hope you’ve had a laugh. And I’d love it if you take away the message, if you’re not in a job you love, go find one.

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