Can Hitler Make You Laugh? Nat Geo’s Trailer Does Its Best

I love this Nat Geo ad from India. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.

The brief was simple – Announce that National Geographic Channels in India are now available in Hindi, Tamil and other languages.

JWT India turned this into an equally simple idea “Watch TV in your own language.”

Then they gave it a twist, got the casting perfect and pulled it all together in the end frames.

Creative work at its best – fun, surprising and relevant.

Have a look and share what you think – is it too irreverent?


  1. Ha Ha Ha. I laughed out loud the minute they started talking. Loved every second of it (other than the unnecessary added sfx of the girls chewing…ewwww. unnecessary sound guys.)

  2. I showed this ad to my students a few weeks ago and the reactions were mixed. Some got it, others were like: what’s Hindi? Tamil?. I think the idea is simple and fun to watch. I have questions about the audio , as it sounds rather amateurish. I wonder if the ad was concieved and created in English, or was it dubbed for english speaking award shows? Love your blogs Kathy…keep ’em coming.

    1. Hi Carl, thanks for writing. Interesting that your students got bogged down in the detail of which language and missed the idea of speaking your language. I can’t comment on the dubbed issue but the lip sync is perfect so I would guess it was filmed in English. Thanks for your comments, they keep me motivated.

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