Guns And Cupcakes – Imagery In Ads That Do The Unexpected

These two ads have chosen similar imagery for entirely different messages.

They both use sinister machines but focus on children.

The first encourages us to drink milk for sweet dreams. Weapons associated with war shoot cupcakes and bouncy toys.

The second is for the charity War Child. Their weapons discharge equally unexpected crayons, confetti and book pages.

They couldn’t feel more different.

The sound design plays a huge part in creating the upbeat response of the milk drinkers, as they are delighted and amused in the Milk ad, versus the relief felt by the terrified survivors of violence in War Child.

I’d love to hear what you think of the visuals and which you think works.

Agency: Groupo Gallegos California      Client: California Milk Production Board
Agency: John St. Canada     Client: War Child

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