Technology Is Not The Answer

These two ads do a brilliant job of whipping the tail of technology.

The ad for Le Trefel, from Leo Burnette in France, has grabbed all kinds of attention. Maybe it resonates because we are inundated with  ads pushing us into the latest gizmos or because this patronising husband gets his own back.

Either way they’ve done a great job of using technology to sell the most low tech product imaginable.

Sommersby Cider has done the same, they spring board off today’s thirst for technology to sell us something that’s not the least bit technical.

Fold 7 London has scooped the essence from the Apple  and then have done some brilliant wordplay with their copy.

I’m sure they had fun making this ad, it’s easy to get people on board when the idea is clear, the concept is simple and the content is charming.

Have a look, it inspires you to find a creative execution where it’s least expected.

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