Can The Salvation Army Change It’s Image?

The Salvation Army isn’t the sexiest of brands, so this Latin Lover execution from McCann Erickson in Sao Paulo really grabbed my attention.

It is set in the bedroom, has charm and sweeps you along without words.

Then the copy comes in and it just slightly misses. Go ahead and watch it so I don’t spoil the surprise.

So where could it have been stronger? The copy seems right to me, the lines “Too bad it’s over. But since it’s over, donate” are a great summation.

They explain how most of us feel about parting with that favourite jacket, the jeans you’ve worn to death and the shoes you love but hurt to wear. Clearing your house or closet and deciding what to part with is never easy. What a great time to encourage us to donate.

Too much or too little?

It might be restricting that they’ve made this a specific occasion, Ex-Valentine’s day. They have a Facebook page and a mountain of posters about breaking up with a person you love, not your things.

It seems to me this limits both the audience they reach and the longevity of the campaign.

But maybe there’s more to come. If they take this on to represent breaking up with your favourite things, clothes, memorabilia, they could run this campaign all year, constantly drip feeding the message that the Salvation Army will care for the things you are letting go.

There are all kinds of legs in that, and some of them will fit in those skinny jeans you need to donate…

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