Laughing With You– Advertising That Makes Fun Of Its Consumer

I love a brand that is brave enough to have a laugh at its target audience.

Schneider Beer
This ad for Schneider Beer, is chock full of men behaving badly. Then it rounds up those same men at the end, unashamed and celebrating with a cold one.

There’s a nice bit of product placement throughout and the women’s reactions tell it all. The ad’s from Argentina, so apparently behaving badly is universal.

I didn’t take away this line from the brief: “The taste and quality of a Schneider Beer could be summarized in its big secret: maturation time,” but I don’t think that would make a difference to its sales.

It’s fun, well shot and shows guys being guys.

Sprite Zero
The second ad is for Sprite Zero, also from Argentina.

This one takes a nervous look at how your relationship will fall apart if you don’t watch your weight.

It’s clearly pointing fingers. It plays on insecurity and the reminder that you’ve got competition.

Again, not much about the product, but in the usually feminine diet drink industry they’ve positioned this as one for the men.

Beer or Belly?
Schneider shows you and your mates having a laugh and shocking your women with your immaturity.

Sprite Zero has you pitted against your mates, with them waiting to jump in the moment your let your guard down.

On the whole, I think I’ll have a beer…

Agency: Ogilvy Mather in Argentina Client: Schneider Beer
Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Client: Sprite Zero


  1. love the Schenider beer spot. Very well thought out vignettes that will have appeal to the target market and it is also a commercial that women can watch and enjoy aswell. The second one it was harder for me to understand what was happening, i thought the guy may be becoming ‘gay’ as he prefered to watch the guy undressing and running towards him. So not so clear for me. Thanks for sharing Kathy- i love the ‘advertising curation’ you do for this weekly email. Have a great day 😉

  2. That’s very fun Ross, did you pull all that together from programme clips?


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