Rules Or No Rules – Messages In Car Advertising

These two ads take totally different approaches to shout about their technology.

One says trust us because we think creatively, work hard and nothing will get in our way. They use the end line “New Rules.” The other says we’re bringing you something unique because we won’t accept the rules.

They couldn’t be more different.

The first one is for Toyota Auris, The Alternative, who rejects the rules.

It’s a big production, full of pomp and circumstance. Some Big Wig (literally in a wig) is telling the masses that they have no choice. Then the voice over says “In a world where you think you only have one choice, we introducing the alternative.”

The problem is credibility of the build-up.

They compare the choice we have in music, phones, and pets for the family, with the relatively few choices we have had in a car engine.

Even the timing feels off, the Hybrid engine they are flaunting launched years ago, the fact that it is being offered in a new model feels a bit flat. Saatchi and Saatchi in Milan developed this one.

Moving on to Chrysler’s “How to change cars forever” approach.

Chrysler talks about the rigors of their car development. I like the Chrysler ad because it sums up the way I see the creative process.

It’s got some gems in it:
Start with a simple idea. Think, think some more.
Stop thinking, start doing. Come up with a design, then kill the design.
Be original. Not that original.
Do it again and again.

All fuelled by hard work and coffee.
That sounds about right.

They flash a sexy Dodge Dart at the end and you want to believe that Chrysler is the company that will shake up the automotive world and bring us an innovation that is truly unique.

This ad comes from Wieden + Kennedy in Portland.

However, neither ad is offering us a product feature or benefit that blows the mind.

If you are going to do brand establishing advertising, with big claims that you’re shaking up the industry, it helps to give us a reason to believe it. I’m not sure either of these ads have hit the mark.


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