Mercedes Benz – An Entertaining Ad With A Level Head

Guest Post By Milly Chu, Account Director
I love a great ad. Its ability to entertain you and impart a persuasive brand message is a unique fusion of business and creativity.

This ad feels too simple to be true; it’s funny and stayed in my head because it’s so brave.

Mercedes ‘Magic Body Control’ has clocked up nearly 4m views online in the last week. It embodies a simple creative thought coupled with an artful execution. It stands out because it’s wholly entertaining.

It’s not the usual formulaic car ad selling an aspirational lifestyle. It’s about one thing: great suspension.

It explains something technical – a windshield-mounted camera that adjusts the car’s suspension, resulting in a smoother and more stable ride.

Then dramatizes it with something Mother Nature designed.

The surprise creates a sense of wonder. I love the creative leap and that we’re allowed to indulge in it for the full duration of the ad.

It is single minded and confidently Mercedes.

And extra credit to Mercedes for creating brand awareness, without a car in sight.

Honestly, who knew chickens were such great car salesmen?

Agency is Jung von Matt Neckar, Stuttgart

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