Is It The Brief Or The Brand?

Advertising consistency is a difficult game built through briefs and brand identities.

We have extensive brand guidelines, charts on tone of voice, lists of what the brand should and shouldn’t be. All in hopes that the communications will be a matched set and consumers will remember the product.

If consistency is the end goal, Coca-Cola are the masters in their field.

Their advertising displays the feel good factor across countries and agencies.

This is impressive because there are thousands of marketers and creative people interpreting the briefs in their own way.

Factor in different countries, cultures, languages and its miraculous that they hit the mark so regularly.

My theory is that Coca-Cola has a personality that has stretched across the years without much fiddling. They are warm and fuzzy. Their Christmas ads are filled with love, their iconic 1970’s epic wanted to buy the world a Coke.

Somehow that personality is bigger than the briefs and so well defined that it doesn’t need stacks of stats and descriptors to help agencies get it.

Its values are old fashioned, stubbornly nice and always seem to brush their ads with enough emotion to make you smile.

Here’s a great ad from Santo in Buenos Aires.

I wrote about another Coke ad from Argentina a couple of years ago, same feeling, but the agency then was McCann – what charm.

Big Ideas Without The Big Budget

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