Simple Things That Make Us Happy

Sometimes I am humbled by what underlies our hectic lives.

We are so busy doing things, stressed to the max, trying to cram a little more into our day.

We’re exhausted by work, stuck in traffic and squeezing fun into our free time.

There isn’t much space for contemplating the meaning of life.

And why should we?  Surely, life is about living to the max, experiencing everything we can and acquiring a few nice things along the way.

This ad from Thailand made me pause for a moment.

It made me remember that some of the happiest people I’ve known were poor, many had large families and enjoyed simple pleasures.  They laughed regularly, celebrated small successes and relied on their faith in the rough patches.

I wonder if this ad, from Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, would work to sell life insurance in the Western World?

What do you think?

One comment

  1. A great reminder of what is important to me. He looks like he is living and experiencing his life .

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