Old Spice – Talking To Moms Everywhere

Old Spice loves the ladies.  They advertise to women though their product is men’s cologne.

More specifically, they want women to buy their product for the guys in their life. Husbands, brothers, sons, it doesn’t matter – just get that product in the grocery basket.

However they do it with such charm and humour that you don’t mind the message.

Lynx, their big competition in this market have always targeted young men directly.  Their message is unequivocal – our scent is spray on sex appeal that makes you irresistible.

Lynx do it well, so it would be hard to challenge them in their heartland.   I think Old Spice have been wise to take a different approach to targeting.

Their famous ad with the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa had over 48 million views last time I checked. If you want to oogle him once more click here.

Just for Mom
Their latest approach, with the ad below, shows dear old Mom.

They’ve used fantastic effects to show her in camouflage trying to keep an eye on her son.

Its clever strategy, funny writing and great execution.

Have a look.

Another winner from Weiden and Kennedy in Portland.

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