Mercedes Benz Laid An Egg With This Ad

Mercedes Benz has done some brave advertising.  They have even ventured into selling their features without ever showing their car.

They hit gold doing this with their ad showing chickens that held their head with perfect equilibrium, no matter which direction their body moved.

That ad tied to the analogy nicely with an end line explaining their new feature had increased the stability of Mercedes suspension. It was slick.

If you missed it you can see it here

This new ad from Futatsu Industries in Norway tries to copy the same formula but misses the boat.

They show spoons pounding away on eggs in eggcups – interesting… but then the lights come up, the tagline says “1959- the world’s first safety cage” and it becomes clear that the spoons aren’t hitting eggs.

What the heck? They are bragging about a feature that’s 50 years old with a cheap lighting trick.  That doesn’t feel Mercedes at all.

What do you think?


  1. Interesting… I remember seeing the original chicken footage on YouTube, sometime before Merc appropriated it. The final ad looked almost exactly the same so I suspect the agency bought the footage – I certainly can’t find it online anymore. But that’s what advertising is – making connections, and it was a genius connection. I have a niggling feeling it was spec work though, without a brief.
    This new ad has been shot and written from the get go and definitely had a brief: ” We want to leverage our massively successful chicken ad, which went viral worldwide, with an equally successful ad about >insert benefit here<. The new ad must reference chickens,"
    As they've discovered, repeating genius is pretty much impossible.

  2. Kathy – it reminds me of the Sky Sao Paolo ad that we tried to repeat… with somewhat limited success. 🙂

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