Old Spice For Hair – What A Creepy Ad

I love Old Spice –well,  really it’s their clever advertising I love. They target women and manage to differentiate themselves from Lynx/Axe and its spray on sex appeal.

However, THIS Old Spice ad for their range of hair products, is just creepy.

It has a tagline “Old Spice, hair that gets results.”  It appears that Weiden and Kennedy in Portland set out to prove that literally, making the tag line into the ad.

The result?  I want to take my shoe off and start banging on the conference table, hoping that rat like creature that crawled of the slimy guy’s head will run away.

I’m not sure that’s the reaction the client had hoped for.

Maybe this works for someone, but the self-satisfied look from the hairy guy is enough to put me off.

I feel like I need to wash my hands now…

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