An Ad That Hits THE Spot

Sometimes you can’t say things directly, in an ad, because the audience tunes it out.

We’ve all experienced that.  The charity ad that shows you such heart breaking pictures that you flip the page.  The insurance ad that is so obvious you just stop listening.

Research tells us that if people need to think a little about an ad, they are much more likely to remember it.  We also know if they can relate it to their own experiences or emotions it will resonate.

So the holy grail is finding an ad that makes people think a bit, that they relate to or empathise with and then remember the message long enough to act.

This ad about guns certainly stayed in my mind.

My guess is that this McCann NY were asked to target women with this message because they’d be most likely to act.

They cleverly realized that gruesome shooting scenes and fear were not going to cut through, because they are on the news daily in the USA.

Instead they used humour and I think they’ve struck the chord just right.  I don’t know if it was effective, but maybe they hit the spot.

What do you think?  Drop a note in the box below, I’d love to hear your comments.


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