How Involved Are You In Football?

Everybody’s got their favourite – and their favourite place to watch football.  How do you convince someone to switch?

I worked on the advertising for TV programmes, movies and channels for a number of years.  When asked what that meant I usually answered, it’s like making a movie trailer with all the best bits, then explaining which cinema it’s in, all in 30 seconds.

It’s hard to get the balance right.  Too much focus on the entertainment and people don’t remember your channel.  Too much about the channel and it’s boring.

That’s especially true when you’re talking about football.

Usually these promos just add to the hype and excitement of the season, doing little for your channel recognition.

BETC Paris really understood that when they made this ad for Canal+ in France.  They launched the football season by putting the Canal+ team at the heart of the action.

They may have taken a bit of dramatic license, but it gives you a behind the scenes sense that this is a channel that will do it’s best to show you the game on the field.

Of course YOU can enjoy it in your warm living room …with snacks.

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