Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

There must be a million jokes about men going bald. It clearly plays on their mind…

For half the population this vague fear looms in the future.   Will I go bald, am I going bald? Is it receding right now, at the back where I can’t see it?

This Lynx ad, uses that fact in a whole new way.  It doesn’t play up fear in order to change behaviour, like many ads.  Instead it treats baldness as a casual reality that doesn’t deserve your attention.

They encourage you to strut your stuff, shake your shaggy mop, flick it, slick it, then make your hair shimmy.

Well, perhaps, I’ve gotten carried away.  They do say “Make the most of your hair while it’s still there.”

Fortunately, they have a lot of fun predicting your future and apparently you’re invincible – before they get to the hair product.

I like it.  Hope you do.

Lynx – BBH London

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