Entertaining Ads Can Do The Work

Most people in advertising cringe when Millward Brown is rolled in by their clients.

We think pre-testing and over analysis leads to dead end ads.  We worry they’ll lose their entertainment value in favour of over egging the branding.

But having had several clients that used them, I learned to respect one of their requirements.

They insist that you shouldn’t be able to tell a friend about the ad, without mentioning the product.

It’s an easy rule of thumb to check if an ad will work.  If it’s entertaining but you don’t take out the message, what value is it to the company?  What’s the point of that money spent on media?

This ad from Leo Burnett in Paris fills the bill.  You have to talk about the product.

It’s a brand message which is all that’s needed, we all know how a paper towel works.

I think it’s a good one. The brand should stay top of mind with women, clearly their target, because it’s clever – and so are we.

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