Just Offensive

Smart Cars are great for urban areas.  They fit into little parking spaces, are easy to manoeuvre and make your life easier.  That’s what they want us to understand.

The last three seconds of this ad told me that, the rest of it just offended me.

First this isn’t a new idea.  Last year’s big shocker was little girls dropping the F-bomb to raise awareness for the Feminist Cause.  They tied the profanity into the message – they made an overt correlation between this shocking language and the shocking discrepancies in women’s salaries versus men’s.

You can watch it here: Little girls dropping F bombs for Feminism

BBDO Berlin’s use of tiny tots using foul words has no link to the product and a tenuous link to its entertainment value.

Honestly there is enough swearing in everyday life. It’s not funny because these little ones aren’t in the least embarrassed, they’re just repeating what they’ve heard.  It’s a sad commentary on the parents.

It’s also a lazy approach to strategy. It doesn’t make the brand look cool or do anything to help with perceptions of quality and safety – two things small cars have to overcome.

I’d say this ad does more damage than good – what do you think?


  1. This is pretty much the VW ‘Bollocks’ ad, but taken a step too far and without the charm.

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