Ads With A Twist

It’s always interesting to see what’s sexy in another country.  This ad from CJ Worx in Bangkok caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

The build-up is innocently sensual, leading you to think it’s a gentle ad for a teenage bra.  Then there’s the end, which left me wondering just who was the target audience they were hoping to attract.

It takes really strong creative work to surprise you in an ad. Thirty seconds isn’t much time to develop a story, establish a character, get an idea across and leave us with a product message.  If the creative team can sneak a surprise in there, that’s a bonus.

Thai with a twist
Speaking of surprises, I dug out an older Thai ad that really made me laugh.  It was good enough to stay in my mind for years.

I don’t know who the agency was for this one, if any of you recognize it, please drop a note in the box so we can give them credit.

And here’s another one
In Campaign this week they were talking about this Japanese ad for Shiseido make-up, done by their in house agency.  The twist?  It runs backward from the filming sequence.  It’s garnered seven million views on YouTube in two weeks.

Let’s hear it for life’s little surprises.

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