Kick The Habit

As January is the time to kick a few habits, I thought we’d have a look at some old fashioned cigarette ads.  You remember – the glamour, the sex appeal.

Here are two from the 1960’s, portraying the life you aspired to emulate as you smoked.  Back then the cigarette brand you chose said a lot about you, as you flashed your pack to the world.

Kool – Lady be cool

Marlboro Country

Cigarette ads, in their hay day, hoped to lure you to their brand with the imagery they carried.  You could be transported from cleaning your kitchen with just a flick of your Bic, and you’d become an elegant Virginia Slims woman – “You’ve come a long way baby…”

How they’ve changed
What a long way the advertising has come, to market today’s E-cigarettes.

Here are two commercials of the 2015 variety – one is focused totally on tech without a smoker in sight.  And the other, if this is the “glamour” they’re using to entice women into Blu, it’s just cringy, especially that reference to her “special someone.”

E-Lites Curv

Blu E-Cigarettes

It’s definitely time to kick that habit.

Do you have a favourite cigarette story? Jot it in the comments below.

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