The New Men’s Ads – Confidence over Cocky

In the UK, Lynx is known for its spray on sex appeal.  In all its ads an average guy gives himself a spray, girls get a whiff and are drawn to him like a magnet.  The guy does nothing but show up, the girls instantly forget their good sense and their panties.

They aren’t the only ones that capitalized on men being cocky without much substance.  Many brands used that image of young men out for themselves, doing their own thing, with a devil may care attitude for everyone else.

So what changed?
It would appear that there’s some new strategy, it looks like brands are doing their homework.  In this age of analytics there’s plenty of data – you’ve got every opportunity to understand your consumer.

It seems that young men aren’t the strutting, boasting sex magnets they’re portrayed as.   Some have a few insecurities .

Lynx has decided to act on that.  So have Levis and Heineken.

What I love is that they’ve been true to their brand personalities, still confident and stylish, but now the message is better.

Lynx are telling guys to use what they’ve got and then work on it. Their tagline, “Find your Magic” is a good one.  Smart strategy well executed.

Levis surprise us with a guy that’s not on the make, and Heineken say you’re more likely to get the girl if you don’t drink too much of our beer.

I like this new approach.  They are all saying be true to yourself, make good decisions, don’t bow to peer pressure and other’s expectations.

The rewards are the same – the guy still get the girl, but we are more likely to believe it.

Lynx – Find Your Magic – 72and Sunny

Levi’s Beautiful Morning – FCB West

Heineken – Moderate Drinkers Wanted – Publicis Italy

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