Images Aren’t Ads – Make It Do The Job

A stunning image is not the same thing as an ad.  One is art.

The other is supposed to inform, motivate and perhaps encourage you to purchase  or do something.

I have noticed that some creatives confuse the two and it is just a waste of the client’s money.

Equinox, Wieden + Kennedy, NY
Equinox Wieden + Kennedy New York

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for subtle messages, but what is Equinox and why should I care?  There is no message at all here.

There are a lot of clever print ads that make you think or make you laugh.  In every case, the good ones leave you with a slightly better understanding of what that brand wants you to know.

These ads don’t do their job.  I don’t understand what they want me from me.

Condor Oralcare, Opusmultipla, BrazilCondor Oralcare Opusmultipla Brazil

Women and Babies Hospital, BooneOakley, USAWomen & Babies Hospital Boone Oakley

Why should I bother to read these tiny bits of information, if I‘m flipping through a magazine or dashing past a poster?

Why would I bother to pause – there is no relevance for me, no new information, no reason to get involved.

Nissan, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ciaro Nissan Saatchi&Saatchi Cairo

I read a bit of the strategy for this Nissan ad, it said the average text takes five seconds to send, imagine how far you can drive on the highway once you’ve taken your eye off the road

NOW that is a great message and it makes me think.  It’s a shame in chasing a great image they forgot to share that information.

As an industry, we can do better.

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