Content versus Advertising

I was talking to a friend recently who said “while agencies are trying to define and discuss content, consumers are just getting on with it.”

She’s a Creative Director, one smart cookie and she is trying to change that.

The reality is, as consumers we don’t care what it’s called.  If we are entertained, if the message feels relevant and interesting to us, we don’t care how it’s packaged and we don’t even mind some branding.

Here’s a great example in Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.  Jimmy founded the company, then went on to make his own video to promote it.

He said in an interview “It’s really rare for a product or service to have the owner as the frontman or heart of the marketing push, and it’s actually a really useful asset.  All of our communications come from myself – it’s not some agency doing its best to sound like a made-up person.”

The ad is simple, the message is clear and entertaining.  Is it a music video?  Is it an ad?  Is it content? Who cares?  It’s fun.

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