These workshops are designed for people in creative industries. They are active, encourage people to get involved and use their own thinking. They can be tailored to your group.

Myers Briggs Preferences
Groups up to 10 people, 1½ hours, £350 plus materials.
An interactive workshop where people discover their preferences and listen to their colleagues do the same.

It raises awareness about how we take in information, make decisions, organize our thoughts and our time. Because everyone participates, you hear how your colleagues differ from you in their preferences for these same ordinary things.

This understanding builds teamwork by helping us connect better, avoid talking at cross purposes and takes the personal element out of many business discussions. It is designed to help build communications, relationships and team effectiveness.

Building Teams That Rock With Myers Briggs
Groups up to 20 people, 3 hours, £480 includes materials
This workshop is a strong team builder with participants regularly changing groups to work with everyone. Participants need to already know their Myers Briggs preference type.

It’s an interactive morning or afternoon filled with challenges to help you recognize your strengths and blind spots, understand more about how other people think and appreciate the balance in your team.

The workshop has a short review of the preferences as an introduction to each section. The activities are designed to be specifically relevant to your team. They include challenges like Talking Sticks, one participant said “That might have been the first time I’ve heard anyone finish a sentence” and The Gift Game where we look at how people approach decisions, “How could they not worry about anyone’s feelings?”

There are exercises in each Myers Briggs area, and teams change regularly. It is an active day with lots of movement and participation.

The Art of Feedback
Groups of up to 20 people, 3 hours, £480 including materials
We give and receive feedback everyday but it isn’t always energising, helpful or motivating. This workshop helps people understand how to give feedback in a productive way.

What’s the difference between feedback and criticism? We’ll review and practice 5 tips on giving good feedback. Then cover when to offer feedback that really adds value and talk about the Effectiveness Equation where you measure the value of your feedback and how it impacts on the commitment to the idea.

We’ll explore and practice how to offer feedback about your concern, rather than offering a solution. Finally, we’ll look at receiving feedback with grace, how to cope with criticism and turn it into feedback that will work for you.

Managing Difficult Conversations
Groups of up to 15 people, 1½ hours, £300 including materials
This is a quick 90 minute workshop for people that want help dealing with conversations they expect to be challenging.

We’ll look at putting it in perspective, getting the topic on the desk, owning the subject and keeping it Adult to Adult.

We’ll also look at how you can gather information from multiple stakeholders, keep them focused on the problem rather than the solution.  We’ll talk about filtering their information and adding your value so you can get the best results.

Managing By Design – It’s Not More Of What You Used To Do
Groups of up to 10 people, 3 hours, £480 including materials
The first step to conscious management is recalibrating what you, as a manager, believe is your responsibility. Many people move up and just do more of the work they did, they need to shift gears.

In this workshop we’ll define each Managers understanding of their role, are you Leading, Managing or Doing?

We’ll explore what leading means; if you aren’t “doing the work” what do you get credit for? How will people respect you? How can you show them what you know? We’ll also work on creating a vision and taking the team with you.  We’ll talk about the intangible work of managing, motivating and inspiring people.

This is a workshop, not a lecture, with lots of discussion on the challenges in this role.

Coaching With Confidence – A Key To Great Management
Groups of up to 20 people, 3 hours, £480 including materials
Coaching is one of the most effective and least used Management styles. This workshop will explore why coaching works and help you become a better coach to help your staff.

By coaching you offer value, without coming up with the answer.  It helps you build other people’s thinking and subsequently their confidence and sense of responsibility.

We’ll be working on how this approach can supplement the other ways you manage. Often we find ourselves giving advice as a manager.  Advice is telling people how to do something differently.  Coaching is helping them to think about the issue differently.

In the long run, you want your staff to think about things in a way that allows them to take responsibility, make decisions and feel productive at work.

Management Styles – You Need More Than One
Groups of up to 20 people, 3 hours, £480 including materials
Your job depends on your relationships. This workshop helps you understand why you would want a variety of management styles to match and motivate the wide variety of people you work with.

We’ll explore six styles of management from a command and control style to coaching.  We’ll look at how to develop a portfolio of styles and where each style can be effective or when it won’t work.

You’ll leave several ways you can manage your team and ideas of how to match your style to the people and situations your dealing with.

Fill the rest of your team away day with something to spark your creativity
We recommend London Drawing and their range of team sessions that let you to flex your creative muscle.  They offer workshops in life drawing, or drawing from live models, creative construction, invention or painting, that allows everyone to take part.

Anne and David make the experience fun and hands on for your team, helping them experiment and giving confidence to complete beginners.

London Drawing will craft an afternoon to fill the rest of your away day.  They’ll design it to stimulate imagination, develop your teams skills and provide a hands on creative experience for the whole group. Look for their extensive photos to spark your ideas.

Take your team to dinner and a show that will keep your creative buzz going.

Another amazing display of London ingenuity.  The new London Cabaret Club is an elegant combination of dining and an innovative live cabaret show. Set around a distinctly British theme, the show celebrates the rich heritage of British culture blending together past and present. Whether you’re a fan of Strictly or enjoy some great music, it’s a treat.  Featuring stars from London’s West-End, original choreography, and quality production,  The London Cabaret Club is really unique.

They were  nominated for a London Lifestyle Award as London’s ‘Best Club’.  A really easy choice to finish your away day, great food, fantastic entertainment, cocktails and dancing if you’re up for it, all in one place in their glamorous ballroom .