Clients and Comments

Clients I’ve Worked With
A&E Networks
British Heart Foundation
Channel 4
Channel Five
Clear Agency
Discovery Channels
Fremantle Media
Mullen Lowe
Ogilvy Health
Ogilvy One
Penguin Books
Red Bee Media
Red Brick Road
Scripts Network
Sky Broadcasting
Sudler Health
Turner Broadcasting
Universal Music
Y&R London

Recommendations from my clients:
I met Kathy when I was in the middle of a crisis at work. She took one look at me, pulled a piece of paper and a pen out of her bag, and proceeded to help me take control of the situation. Her real talent was intuitively sensing what kind of person I am and what I needed to do to successfully deal with the matter in hand.

Kathy seems to have a knack of working with Creatives, successfully equipping them with the ‘tools’ they need to move into a senior leadership role, coaching you to think in a constructive and productive way. This helped give me the confidence I needed to stand up in front of my colleagues, a very smart bunch of people who take no prisoners.

Leadership is a journey. My sessions with Kathy inarguably helped me set off on the right foot. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Emma de la Fosse
Executive Creative Director

I can say with all honesty that the time spent with Kathy has proved of immense benefit to me and my boss went on record, in my appraisal, to comment on how he had seen me grow as an important member of the business since the coaching began.
Brett Davey
Creative Director, UK
Turner Broadcasting Europe

I am very happy to recommend Kathy to anyone who holds a creative position, or leads creative people. Her knowledge of the industry and love of the creative process gives her an edge that makes the sessions both useful and inspiring.

She is focussed, professional and informative. Leading the sessions so that you come away with action points and a feeling of accomplishment – not some vague sense of what needs to be done next. She has improved my approach and output 100% – and I have been doing my job for 8 years!
Caitlin Ryan
Executive Creative Director
Proximity London

Management coaching with Kathy was enjoyable and useful. She has a practicable style, a sympathetic ear and her industry knowledge helps her relate to context easily. She is eminently personable. Her counsel is full of tips, examples and interesting references and she also makes a good sounding board for particular issues. I’d happily recommend her, and may well even go back for more.
Brent Gosling
Global Planning Director
Lowe and Partners

I have benefited from Kathy’s coaching technique across a range of business challenges including managing teams, leading change, managing difficult individuals and scenarios, tackling strategic challenges and examining my own personal style and approach. I have found her coaching a really helpful part of my personal and professional development this year, as it provides a safe space to stop, reflect and really examine potential next steps.
Emma Bell
Managing Editor, Entertainment
Sky Broadcasting

Much of my work with Kathy has focused on business development, and her coaching has helped me find solutions to problems that previously seemed insoluble. By working on practical ways to introduce products and services to clients, Kathy has helped me forge stronger client relationships, and has had a positive impact on my bottom line.
Kathy is a natural coach; warm, encouraging and not afraid to challenge when necessary. I do not hesitate to recommend her services.
Oliver Rowe
Business Director
BDA Communications

It is amazing but Kathy always knows where the point is; her knowledge, engagement and interest make her a great coach.
Sylwester Molenda
Research, Insights & innovation Director
Discovery Networks CEEMEA

Kathy provides a fantastic level of support through her coaching, and her approach and style genuinely allows open thinking. Time with Kathy is highly recommended!
Martin Gee
Information Technology
Channel 4

Kathy’s style is to coach not mentor, which is exactly what I was looking for. She listens well but knows when to keep the conversation moving. Her questions are incisive and always lead somewhere.
St. John Walshe
Worldwide Director
EVP and Worldwide Board Member BBDO

She has a rare ability to focus me at the start of our session, and then keep us on tack. This means going deep into the issue and not skirting around the periphery, so that by the end of the session there is a huge sense of achievement.
Robert Marsh
COO Unilever Foods and MD Lowe + Partners UK
Lowe + Partners UK

As ever Kathy – you have really helped me get a grasp on some difficult issues and more importantly made me want to tackle them! I have some real clarity on how to get the best out of my team, thank you.
Anna Priest
Head of MarComs
A&E Network

I really appreciated Kathy’s support during my first 12 months in a new post. She has changed my approach to certain situations (definitely for the better!) and find myself using her coaching tips to support my team and direct reports. If anyone was thinking about coaching, I would definitely recommend Kathy.
Louise Parkes
Director of Fundraising
British Heart Foundation

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and feel I’ve benefitted a lot – I implemented some of the things we discussed in our first session– which have clearly worked!
David Miller
Managing Director
Red Brick Road

Kathy is an inspirational and insightful coach, who has the knack of going straight to the heart of an issue. She is a great at helping people identify strategies for solving challenges. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Clare Prochazka
Head of Internal Communication

Kathy is a really strong results-driven Coach, her extensive understanding of Marketing, Creative and Advertising and her focused approach to mentoring and coaching have really delivered long lasting value. She provides bespoke solutions for various clients, so I would definitely recommend her, and even if you are just thinking of trying out coaching give her a call – she’s very approachable.
Tim Hughes
On Air Marketing Director
Discovery Channels

She’s good at understanding the nature of the business, very quick analysis of relationships. She has the ability to listen and steer my own resolutions, rather than tell you the best way to solve problems. This allows me to play to my strengths and handle the situations accordingly.
Chyaz Buffett
Design Director
Sky News