Kathy croppedA bit about me

Before I became a coach I had a 20 year career in Advertising, then  Broadcasting, and it taught me a lot. I can talk at length about what makes a great TV show, why Alka Seltzer’s fizz solves your problems and I know way too much about chocolate.

I worked as a Board Account Director at London’s AMV/BBDO, BBDO Italia, BBDO Mexico and EuroRSCG. In my Agency days I worked mostly with consumer goods manufacturers, big brands with big budgets.

I managed brands for Gillette and helped launch the Venus razor.  I managed Chocolate brands for Mars and launched Celebrations Box Chocolates throughout Europe.  I worked on Quaker Oats brands, pet food and over the counter medications.

My career took a big step when I set up the Account Management and Planning Department at Sky Broadcasting’s Creative Agency.   Our department focused on  strategy and delivery of promotions for Sky’s programmes, movies and services like  Sky+.

As the Head of Account Management at Sky, I found myself in an unusual position of managing a creative team.  I didn’t have the craft skills to be their creative director but was regularly surprised at how often I could coach them to a solution.   Coaching with creatives was a great experience and convinced me that we often have the answers buried  within us, we just need the right prompting to bring them to the forefront.

It was my favourite part of the job, so I went back to school in 2010 for a post grad diploma in Coaching and started my own business.

Now the things that interest me are found in other peoples careers.  Motivating management, inspiring innovation, building on your strengths and clearing out the things that are bogging you down in your job.

My goal is to help you find a new perspective and feel good about work.  Coaching can help you feel more confident, find a new direction or solve a problem that just isn’t going away.

For me, the chance to work with people who think creatively and release their potential is a real privilege.

Post Grad Diploma, ILM 7, in Executive Coaching.  Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Certificate in Myers Briggs.   In 2017 received a certified accreditation as a Master Level Coach.