About Coaching

Coaching is a great investment in yourself.  It’s for successful people looking to leverage their potential. The goal of coaching is to make you more effective in your job, by giving you a new perspective. It can eliminate self doubts, increase your confidence and improve relationships, so you can make the most of your talents.

Coaching is individual and results oriented. We’ll discuss areas you want to develop or issues you want to resolve. We’ll do this using relevant, insightful questions to get you focused and thinking about things in a new way.

It’s a bit like a brainstorm session; a new thought or perspective can send your thinking in an entirely different direction, opening up avenues you hadn’t considered.

We’ll finish each session with achievable steps you can take with confidence. We’ll work with your schedule and design it around your needs.

Why choose a coach with experience in Creative Industries?
It’s much easier to understand someone’s point of view when you’ve walked in their shoes and encountered similar challenges.

I’ve spent over 20 years in Broadcasting, TV Advertising and Newspapers. I understand the deadline driven, crisis nature of this work and the determination, ingenuity and enthusiasm it takes to get things accomplished. As a coach, my experience helps me understand what you’re talking about, the challenges you experience and the full throttle pace that you work at every day.

Reaching your potential is an ongoing journey, it leaps ahead when you recognize that change can unleash something new in you. As a coach, those flashes of awareness are the thrill of the game.

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