Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs Type indicator
Myers Briggs is a great tool for awareness.  It can improve your understanding of others so you are more likely to get your ideas heard and get the best from your team.

It helps you identify your natural strengths and appreciate people who are different from you.  There are great leaders, managers and creatives in every Myers Briggs Type.  Understanding how they tick gives you a distinct advantage.

Myers Briggs doesn’t use psycho-babble, just practical, easy to understand ideas about what makes us different.

Evaluate strengths, blind spots and collaboration
Myers Briggs can help you look across the whole team and understand what comes easily and where you might have some blind spots.  For example, do you have managers who are concerned about the staff, how they feel and how they’re coping?  Is this balanced with managers who are impartial and analytical about staff issues?

You can use Myers Briggs to help each person in your team understand the strength they have and appreciate where other people have natural abilities that are different.

Here Are The Myers Briggs Preference Pairs:
How do you prefer to focus your attention and how do you recharge your battery? Internally through contemplation or externally discussion or socializing?

How do you like to take in information?
Precise, real and detailed or big picture, connecting ideas to make new patterns?

How do go about making your decisions?
Logical, objective and impartial or by imagining how it would feel, putting yourself in their shoes?

How do you like to manage your time and organize your projects?
Organized, planned and decisive or flexible, spontaneous, last minute?

Team Building not tree bashing – Workshops using Myers Briggs
If having your teammate swing you across a pond isn’t your idea of a great day of team building, a Myers Briggs  workshop may be an alternative.

Understanding different people’s perspective will help you connect better, avoid talking at cross purposes or talking over each other and can take the personal element out of many business discussions.

You’ll also learn how you can support each other and who might bring a different perspective to a project.

The goal of teambuilding, using Myers Briggs, is to complement each other’s strengths.  It’s affirmative, and encourages people to cooperate with each other.

Check out the workshop page options to see if this might be for you.

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