If You’re A Manager, Stop What You’re Doing And Get Motivated

You work hard. You come up with ideas, get things moving, check all the details and deliver on time.

You’ve got a lot to do and there’s great job satisfaction in doing.

You accomplish things that have an end, you use everything you’ve learned to make the work better, quicker, more interesting. You like doing…

But that isn’t your role
Your job is managing the people, and their job is managing the work.

As you move up, you have to let go of what you were doing. Doing is no longer the dominant part of your job.

Making that shift in your priorities is a big step.

“Why take it?” (I hear you ask.) You’re working hard and everyone seems fine.

This frightening research from Mercer might change your mind
Mercer’s released research saying 1 in 3 workers is seriously considering leaving their job.

They explain it’s because of a lack of trust, decrease in loyalty, lower sense of commitment and not much motivation.

In other words, they aren’t being actively managed, motivated or inspired.

Perhaps, it’s because their boss doesn’t see that as his “real” job.

Do you?

Can you answer these questions about your team?
What do people feel they’ve achieved, individually?
Who’s too busy to breath and why is their job so full on?
Who has gotten bored and isn’t giving it their best?
Who’s a sleeper that could be a superstar with the right motivation?

Would you know if someone was planning to quit?

If you can change your focus from doing great work and acknowledge that your job is to inspire great work, then you’ve really moved into management.

Inspiration is a big order, it’s your role and a job you can be proud of.

The first step is the willingness to change what you do on an average day, from focusing on your work to inspiring theirs.

-An inspiring leader’s goal is to get everyone on their team to do great work.
-They create an environment where people come to work because they like what they do.
-Their staff seeks their advice because they know they’ll add value, bring a new insight or give them the confidence to continue what they were doing.

So how do you get to this enviable position?

The first step is to make motivation your priority
Great managers put motivating their team on the top of their list.

You have to stop what you’re doing and get out of response mode. This allows you to manage the people rather than managing the work.

Immediately you’ll start to inspire your staff, because you’re focused on making them great at what they do.

You’ll notice this is about making them great – not about looking over their shoulder, correcting their work, changing things or telling them how to do it.

That would be managing their work; you want to manage them – as individuals. Get them excited, give them pride in the job they are doing.

Flip it around, if YOUR boss made a concerted effort to inspire you – what would he need to do?

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