A Merrier Than Usual Christmas

I want to wish you a holiday full of fun, laughter and a very special Christmas.

I hope you enjoy it just a little more this year, more than you ever have before.  I’ve realized joy is where we find our strength.

These last months have seen our news filled with acts of ignorance and hate.  That’s created a big cloud of fear.  You have a choice about whether you live under that cloud.

We’ve also seen courage, compassion, resilience, tenacity and hope.  Each of us has those in us and together we build on them.

I’ve been inspired, and a bit awe struck, by people’s desire to push back against the horrors and live their lives vibrantly and wholeheartedly.

They’ve shown us that we can deny the fear mongers their pleasure, by using happiness, enjoyment and celebration to express our defiance.

My hope for you this Christmas is that you find your strength, defy the fear and rejoice in the things you appreciate in your life.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


PS: Quick Christmas ideas
If you are still looking for Christmas gifts or a place to celebrate, here are two ideas from people who embody both an exuberance for life and a joy in creativity.

Try something new with London Drawing:  They have gift certificates available.  Their classes range from absolute beginners to life drawing experiences in amazing locations.

Experience a glamorous night at The London Cabaret Club:  A glorious show, great food, dance, music and cabaret acts.  You can even flash your own fancy moves on the dance floor.  This elegant new Cabaret has launched with a bang – celebrate with them this Christmas or as a gift for next year.


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