Get It Out Of Your Head – Unique Ways To Get Organized

How often have you been just on the edge of sleep and thought, “yikes… I forgot to do that.” And then you lay there, wide awake wondering if you’ll remember in the morning.

How about that scattered feeling you can get on busy days, where you never seem to deal with anything, you just flit from one thing to another trying to keep all the plates spinning. You go home feeling no sense of accomplishment and cursing yourself, for the thousandth time, that you’ve got to get more organized.

No single solution
There isn’t a “one size fits all” for organizing your time, your projects or your life. But one thing is certain, if you are trying to carry it all around in your head, it takes its toll.

Whatever system you use, download the things you’ll need to do. Get them out of your head into some kind of reminder that will prompt you to take care of it later.

Knowing you’ve got it logged lets you go back to your current project, or back to sleep.

Do it your way
I’ve come across a number of unconventional ways to dump all the tasks, projects and ideas out of your mental holding pattern and onto something you can prioritize and action.

Here are a few less conventional ways things you might like to try

Alternative types of calendars
Productive Action planners, Productivity Heatmap, Productivity Jump starter or the Freelancer Work week, find a planner that suits your style here at Productive Flourishing:

Don’t write it out
Here are nine of the world’s most inspiring info-graphics, see if they prompt a different way to say it: 9-infographic-design-examples-that-will-leave-you-inspired

Draw and connect
How about using some easy mind mapping software? Here are five packages that do mind mapping, with a review of each, some of them are free. 5 best mind mapping tools

Or go old school
Sometimes it’s just a desk blotter to scribble on, a stack of post-it notes or a note pad by your bed that’s needed to get those thoughts down.

If you really want to sort things out, have a coaching session.  A one to one session will unveil what’s slowing you down, gobbling your time and making you inefficient.  We’ll find solutions that fit with your strengths and preferences so it becomes second nature.

Whatever you use, get those tasks out of your head, clear your concentration and you’ll feel infinitely better.

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